Tropical Fish, Marine Fish & Coral in Lisburn, Northern Ireland

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Tropical Fish

In our tropical department, with more than 600 species, Grosvenor Tropicals are sure to have something for every aquarist, from beginners to experts alike. Get in touch with Grosvenor Tropicals for more details about the wide variety of tropical fish we have.

Exotiv fish species and plants for a beautiful home live jewel

Our fish are ready for a home

Imported direct from respected suppliers around the globe, all our livestock undergo a rigorous quarantine at our custom built facility for a minimum 2 week period before arriving at our store and offered for sale. When they do finally go on display, they are healthy, rested, fully acclimatised to local conditions and ready to start life in their new homes.

Wide Selection of Tropical Fish

For the more advanced aquarist seeking that special specimen, or eager enthusiast looking for the unusual, we always try to cater for all requirements. We do have numerous specimen fish on display, with other more demanding species held in our quarantine facility awaiting their ideal owners, but if you don’t find what you are looking for please ask. We can often source your perfect specimen.

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Marine Fish & Coral

Once considered “for the expert aquarist only”, modern technology and a better understanding of the biology involved has now opened marine and reef keeping to a much wider audience, and with 50 years' experience providing for the hobby, Grosvenor Tropicals can provide a comprehensive introduction to this aspect of fishkeeping.

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We're experts when it comes to fishkeeping

As the province’s largest importer of marine species, we maintain state-of-the-art quarantine facilities and unrivalled displays of fish, invertebrates and corals. More than 50 aquariums display our extensive range of fish and invertebrates while corals are exhibited in our custom designed Coral Tables. It offers 60 square feet of unobstructed 360 degree and overhead viewing.

They are also somewhat unique with the inner workings openly displayed, giving our customers a rare glimpse of how we professionals design and maintain these critical life support systems.

Wide Selection of Marine Fish

We are also happy to offer a guided tour and explanation of how these systems work, so whether you’re a new marine keeper setting up your first reef tank or already have a system going and just want some equipment or advice, call up or call in and see what we can do for you

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