Grosvenor Tropicals is a friendly, family run business founded in 1969.
We provide a wide variety of aquariums, fish and pond supplies.
You are welcome to visit our store in Lisburn and have a look at our products.

If you're looking to have an aquarium installed, or just want to upgrade your existing one, we can help. From delivery to installation, we can manage it all.

Our team can also pre-wash your chosen sand or gravel bed. We can even bring our own prepared water to ensure everything is properly taken care of. Contact us for a free quote.

A tropical fish swimming around in a fishtank

Tropical/Marine Fish & Coral

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Tropical freshwater aquarium with colourful fish and green plants

Coldwater & Pond Fish

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Large fire Oscar fish
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We make sure your fish are ready for your home

All our livestock are quarantined at our custom built facility for a minimum of two weeks. We ensure that your chosen fish are healthy and fully acclimatised to local food and water conditions.

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We go above and beyond to look after our fish

We are one of the largest independent importers of tropical, marine and coldwater fish in Ireland. We currently employ more than a dozen full and part-time staff at our Lisburn shop.

We follow the OATA policy on the humane treatment of livestock. We may refuse any sale where we believe that a customer cannot provide suitable care or an adequate environment for the aquatic animals.

Lion fish on sea bed
Fish tank with discus fish and plants


Our aquarium and dry goods displays extend over two floors with products from all the top manufacturers, including Juwel, Fluval, Eheim, Red Sea and many others. Sizes vary from only a few litres to custom made giants holding several thousand, but with 0% finance available you are sure to find your ideal setup.

After sales assistance and maintenance is fully supported via our extensive range of dry goods, consumables, foods and treatments. And our years of practical experience means we're always available to provide expert advice should you need it.

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Julie Dunlop

Unbelievable service form Mark today. Questions answered and nothing was to much trouble. Lot's of time spent with us giving advice and tips. Will definitely return. Thank you so much.

Ricci Coulter

A great pet shop which supplies all the things needed. It also has great selections of fish for both fresh and salt water.

Sam Crane

Brilliant store and helpful well informed staff.

Gillian Colan-O'Leary

Really knowledgeable, friendly staff who go the extra mile to help. The shop is lovely too!

Deborah T Wills

They are full of information and can answer any questions u need to know & give great advice. Even though its awkward, will get the fish(s) you ask for. Absolutely lovely workers, especially Holly, fantastic place & it's very highly recommended. Can see all sorts of fish, fun day for sure.

David Hawthorne

Was promised that the last 5 female bettas would be held for me. Got there, only 3 left as someone sold 2 despite the tank being marked '5 sold' 80 mile round trip and 2 hours wasted.

Tasha Burns

Best fish shop by far! staff go out of there way to help! 10 out of 10.

Richard Farquhar

This is the longest running and best Aquatic store in N.Ireland.

Nichola Madden

First visit this afternoon with the kids to purchase a few more topicals. Cannot fault the store, or indeed the staff! Down to Earth staff and very helpful! kids loved it and many thanks 2 the guys 4 showing us The Reptiles upstairs - up close and personal! loved it!

Pete Mcclarence

Longest established shop in Ireland great serviced and the owner is very knowledgeable.