For many Aquarians who are just starting out with live plants nuisance algae can be a major headache.

Nutrafin Plant Food

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Echinodorus 'Rubin'

Family Alismataceae
Continent Cultivar, South America
Region Cultivar
Origin Cultivar
Height 30-50+ cm
Width 20-40 cm
Light medium-very high
Temperature 18-30 °C
Hardness soft-hard
pH Range 5,5-8
Growth medium
Demands easy
Catalogue No. 074B


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Echinodorus 'Rubin'

Echinodorus 'Rubin' is a decorative hybrid between Echinodorus horemanii ''rot'' and Echinodorus x barthii. The transparent, ruby-red leaves with light leaf ribs provide a particularly intensive sheen. An undemanding plant whose growth is stimulated by CO2 addition and a nutritious bottom. A good solitary plant for large aquariums.

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